A Brief Comparison between Dome Camera and Bullet Camera

If you are planning for a certain security system for your home or office then you may be considering a CCTV security system. These days on the market, there are many different choices available so far as the security camera is concerned.

Each type of camera may comewith certain pros and cons and therefore, before choosing a suitable camera one should be aware of all these important factors so that your security system can be the best.

Installing a video security camera system, whether for a house or a company, might be one of the best decisions you make. Cameras can be most efficient crime deterrents, as well as recording video of every incident during the crime.

When an intruder becomes aware that a home security company Trenton has installed a camera and they are liable to be caught on camera, they are considerably more likely to reconsider their actions.

The following are a few basic differences between the Dome camera and the Bullet camera:


Dome cameras are concealed cameras while bullet cameras are meant for deterring the criminals.


Both cameras can be easily installed however a Dome camera is comparatively a little more complicated to install.


Both cameras have a reasonably good resolution that can be used for detecting.


Both the cameras can record events in dark conditions.


 Bullet cameras will be a better choice so far as their adjustments are concerned.


Both camera ranges are more or less the same.

Obvious or stealthy

As bullet cameras are visible and hence can work as deterrents while dome cameras are the concealed type.

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